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UNSONG Audiobook Version

This is a serialized story narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, Scott Alexander.

The original text is here:

The audiobook of the novel was completed in October of 2020. Now this podcast has switched to short stories by the same author.

The last episode of this podcast will air in February 2021. I have created a new podcast for narrating audiobooks, called Fluidity:

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Dec 31, 2020

“We’ve gone over this a thousand times,” said Hermes. “You have to wear the earplugs because Prometheus knows literally everything. He knows what he has to say to scare you, or turn you against me, or make you kill yourself. So you’re just going to wear earplugs and not listen to him.”

This is a short story...

Dec 27, 2020

“But what happened to you? I talked to Ares the other day. He won two Medals of Honor, did you hear? Apollo’s got tenure at Oxford. I’m the god of commerce and crime, so of course I’ve got a hedge fund. But you? What happened to you?”

This is a short story narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the...

Dec 24, 2020

“Oh, put it away,” said Alice. “We both know you’re not going to shoot me. And it wouldn’t hurt me if you did. I do this because I’m Eris, the Greek Goddess of Discord. I destroy peace. I set people against each other. Then, when their petty fights destroy everything they’ve worked for, I stand over the...

Dec 20, 2020

"“What the HELL?” I interrupted, suddenly way more angry than depressed. “You’re supposed to @#!$ing tell me not to do it!”

“This is the suicide hotline,” the woman said, now sounding confused. Then, “Are you sure you weren’t thinking of the suicide prevention hotline?”"

This is a short story...

Dec 17, 2020

"You hit the punching bag. It bursts, sending punching-bag-filling spraying all over the room! You know that that would happen! It always happens when you hit a punching bag! Your wife gets really angry and tells you that we don’t have enough money to be getting new punching bags all the time, but women hate it when...