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UNSONG Audiobook Version

This is a serialized story narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, Scott Alexander.

The original text is here:

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Mar 22, 2020


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Talk to me, Aaron. I don’t know where you are, Aaron. Aaron, are you there?"

This is a serialized story narrated by Matt Arnold...

Mar 16, 2020

End of Book 2!

"In a large and complicated system there might be various things that are pleasing in His eyes.
Evening, May 13, 2017
Las Vegas
Holy Scripture only mentions vampires once, but once is enough.
The context is Isiaiah 34. God is doing His usual thing where He talks about...

Mar 8, 2020

"Tiferet’s position down the center between Keter and Yesod indicates to many Kabbalists that it is somewhat of a “converting” Sephirot between form (Yesod) and force (Keter). In other words, all crossing over the middle path via Tiferet results in a reversed polarity. – Reb Wiki"

"A man. A plan. A canal....

Mar 1, 2020

"Hershel of Ostropol came to an inn and asked for a warm meal. The innkeeper demanded he pay in advance, and when Hershel had no money, he told him to get out. Hershel raised himself up to his full height, looked the innkeeper in the eye menacingly, and said “Give me my meal, or I will do what my father did? You hear...

Feb 24, 2020

"“Sinner” in Biblical Hebrew is “aval”, no doubt kabbalistically connected to our English word “evil”. The gematria value of “aval” is 106. Bishop Ussher, the Biblical chronologist who fixed Creation at 4004 BC, tells us that 106 years passed between Noah’s flood and the Tower of Babel. This is...